Types of Structures in Building Construction

Looking for the types of structures in building construction? Then you came to the right place. Here in this article we will share with you in detail the types of structures in building construction.

The buildings are in most of the parts where we are, we see them every day, but at some point you have thought about the construction details that they have, how from what materials they were built, how long it took to build them from start to finish, or what they are like inside. We certainly don’t know many of these aspects of the buildings around us. However, it is very important that we know this information and what are the types of structures under construction despite not being directly linked to the field of construction.

How to Identify the Type of Structure You Should Use?

When you ask yourself what type of structure the building you are going to build should have, it is important that you take into account the following questions that many other people ask themselves and based on them you can identify the type of structure that best suits your project.

  • What will be the purpose of my structure? By answering this question you will understand why you are going to build a building, how you plan to use it and how it can be the beginning of your construction.
  • How big should the structure be? It is a very important aspect because you can plan the time and materials that you can or need to use.
  • Are there load restrictions? The taller you want to build your building, the more loading restrictions can arise. By getting this information early, you will have the ability to address issues and make necessary changes in due course.
  • What are the environmental factors to consider? Nowadays we all want to be friendly with the environment, this is certainly good news. This question will allow you to see what the possible environmental problems are before building to make the necessary changes even before starting the work.
  • How fast should you build your building? It is true that many people need or want to build their buildings faster, for this reason a different type of building is important for you to obtain the results you need.
  • How much will the materials cost? Knowing the cost of the materials that you can use is a good alternative to know which building to choose compared to others.

Types of Structures in Building Construction

There are different types of structures under construction that you can use in your projects: wooden structures, light gauge steel structures, masonry with joists or load, steel structures, concrete structures, pre designed structures. We will see them in more detail below.

Wooden structures

Timber structures are surely the oldest and most widely used type of building structure in the world. This is because wood is a natural way to work, it is in abundance, it is renewable, and its cost is within the reach of many people.

Timber structures are very easy to handle because they can be cut and assembled on the construction site. This means that workers cut the posts, joists, plates and beams as needed and put them in place just before installing the panels, drywall and all other materials that are needed.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden structures

One of its main advantages is the speed with which it is installed and at the same time for this basic construction tools are used. Among its disadvantages is that it is flammable, is subject to deterioration sooner compared to other types of structures and is not as resistant as to withstand earthquakes, winds, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Light gauge steel structures

Steel is one of the materials that is being used the most in the construction of some buildings, this is because this material allows buildings to be built in less time. This material is characterized by the fact that it arrives at the workplace with the measurements and cuts necessary for them to be installed, this means that it is not necessary to make some type of cut at the time of starting construction. In construction this type of steel can be used in the beams, studs and plates, each piece is protected with a galvanized layer, this material is very common in commercial buildings, but many owners have chosen to be the base element of their houses .

Advantages and disadvantages of light gauge steel structures

This material has different advantages that are its great resistance compared to the weight of the building, low cost for construction, it is capable of being erected quickly and very resistant to flames. Among its disadvantages is the making of adjustments on site, the tools used for its installation are not those of everyday construction, this means that it is necessary to use specific cutting and clamping tools to build structures of this material.

Masonry construction with joists or load

The construction of bonded or loaded masonry involves using bricks or concrete blocks for the purpose of building load-bearing walls. Thanks to the use of this technique, structures of great weight can be obtained, which are surely not the most recommended in places prone to the presence of earthquakes. Being a type of rigid structure it is impossible for it to flex during an earthquake, for this reason it is not widely used in residential constructions, in places where earthquakes occur, these types of structures are the cause of many deaths.

In this type of construction, the load-bearing walls are made of formed blocks or bricks. The ceilings and floors are built with wooden beams, for this reason they have the name of bonded masonry. This technique is characterized by requiring a lot of labor, because each block and brick must be configured by hand. Despite not being very common in residential construction, it is often used in commercial buildings.

Construction of steel structures

Steel frame constructions are mainly used in large buildings. Its structure is built with steel columns and steel trusses in order to support both the roofs and the floors. Buildings with a high rise are mostly built with metal structures, because the materials are easy to transport with cranes and the components can be welded or screwed quickly.

Steel is an easy material to find and construction parts are standard size, as they are constantly designed for standard columns and loads. Main frames are constructed of heavy steel and unsupported frames are constructed of light gauge steel components.

Advantages of steel structures

Steel is characterized by being a flexible material, this is undoubtedly a great advantage in lands that are prone to the presence of earthquakes, or in places where the winds are very strong. Steel is a material that flexes little and does not suffer permanent deformation, this makes it a great material to build tall buildings, bridges and more.

Construction of concrete structures

Despite the fact that in other types of building structures wood or steel is used as the main material, the construction of concrete structures uses reinforced concrete columns, concrete beams and concrete slabs for the construction of the supporting structure. This type of structure is very common in tall buildings, elevated roads, and parking lots.

Reinforced concrete has been designed for many years, this means that it can be used in construction immediately. On the other hand, if the components are to be cast on site it requires a lot of work. Highway systems require numerous precast girders to build, but slabs and columns still need to be projected on site.

For building construction, the vast majority of components in concrete structures must be cast on site, this makes construction time slightly longer due to the curing process of the components. Concrete frame structures are not very resistant to earthquakes, on the other hand, weather conditions and wind affect them over the years.

Pre Designed structures

If you are interested in building a building quickly, predesigned structures are the option for you. In this type of construction, all the pieces are ready to be joined and screwed together. What you need to do is identify how you want your structure to be and then order your kit to build or have your pre designed structure built for you.

Construction of building structures in Bogotá and Colombia

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In conclusion, the construction of the different types of structures depends on the type of terrain, the place, the climatic conditions and the presence of earthquakes, keep in mind each of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that we made known to you in this article so that you can choose the best structure in your project.

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