Types of Safety Barriers and Their Functions

Construction Safety Barriers are physical objects in the form of signs or fences that are used on construction sites to protect everything from damage, restrict movement or certain jobs and prevent unauthorized actions in construction.

Construction Safety Barrier Function

Functions of Safety Barriers Construction construction barriers are listed here.

  • Construction barriers can be used to limit the movement of vehicles, equipment according to specific needs or in a predetermined area. This is done so that work can be done without interruption.
  • Construction guards can be used to protect existing trees against abrasion or damage during construction activities.
  • Sensitive areas such as water bodies and recently worked areas can be protected using well-planned construction barriers.
  • Restrict unnecessary and unauthorized access of vehicles, equipment, and persons to restricted areas on construction sites.

Location of Barrier Placement on Construction Site

Construction hurdles are recommended for the following situations:

  • Areas where protection of property or personnel or natural resources is required.
  • Construction safeguards are needed to prevent traffic and other disruptive activities.
  • Help isolate an area that has eroded soil or steep slopes that are more prone to erosion.

It is advisable to have a Construction Safety Barrier at the start of the project and use it depending on the duration of the project.

Type of Safety Barriers

The main types of construction guards used on construction sites are:

  • Concrete, Concrete barrier is used in highway projects. It becomes a temporary shelter that protects the working crew from traffic. This helps keep tools and tools contained within the workplace.
  • Plastic, an economical and lightweight material when compared to concrete. Usually filled with water or soil to keep it in place. Used to alert vehicle and pedestrian traffic about ongoing construction activities.
  • Guard Rails, construction safety used on worksites to prevent workers from falling. Guard rails are used along the edges of raised platforms or temporary openings and hazard-prone areas. Guardrails are often equipped with warning strips so that people and workers are aware of potential hazards.
  • Fences, Fences around the work area using plastic netting or link chains help people and pedestrians to warn about ongoing construction activities. It also helps to use construction activities with a limited area.
  • Safety nets are provided at construction sites to protect people and property from falling. Pedestrians are therefore protected from injury or death due to the unexpected fall of property or material from a height during construction.

Types of Concrete Road Barriers (Concrete Road Barriers)

Concrete road dividers are one type of road divider that is widely used in general. You can find concrete road barriers in parking lots and public roads that use cast concrete. Compared to other types of road barriers, this barrier is the strongest and able to minimize accidents well. Apart from being strong, the concrete road barrier also has other advantages such as being durable, safe and repairs can be done more easily and quickly.

Even though it has various advantages, the concrete road barrier also has disadvantages such as heavy and expensive. To move this road divider is not easy and requires a lot of labor. The price of this road barrier is also more expensive because the material is concrete which has long-lasting properties. You can easily buy this type of road barrier online or offline. Remember to always check the quality of the concrete used before deciding to buy a concrete road barrier.

Types of Fiber Road Barriers (Road Barrier Fiber)

The next type of road barrier is the fiber road barrier. This one road divider is made not only for safety but also to beautify the road. This is because the fiber road barrier is made with a futuristic model. Unlike the concrete road barrier which is monotonous with a dark color, this fiber road barrier has a bright color like red. Not only is it bright in color, but this type of road barrier also has a reflector sheet that functions to make it easier for motorists to see that there is a barrier at night.

Although it doesn’t look as solid as a concrete road barrier, this road divider is very resistant to weather changes, not easy to fade, and is brittle. Another thing that makes this road divider different is its uniqueness where the inside of this fiber road barrier can be filled with water, you know.

Types of Plastic Road Barriers (Plastic Road Barriers)

This road barrier has a bright red color and is usually used as a road sign. The main material of this road divider is plastic. The use of plastic road dividers is very common in Indonesia because it is considered very efficient in terms of function and comfort. Even though it is made of plastic, of course, this road barrier still complies with the established safety standards. Besides being safe, lightweight, and practical, in fact, this road barrier can also be adjusted in terms of stability. The main material is plastic which makes this road divider quite light, it can be tricked by filling it with water or cement for additional stability. Usually, this plastic road barrier is sold in sizes 100x80x48 cm with a capacity of about 500 liters.

How to Make a Concrete Road Barrier

The construction of concrete road barriers is made of cement and printed in a special place or a pre-cast concrete factory. The function of the printing process is so that the size of the road barrier is the same and better. This type of concrete road barrier is very strong among other types. If you are interested in ordering some concrete road barriers, please contact us at the contact provided below. We will maximize our services so that you feel satisfied.

Disadvantages of the Concrete Road Barrier

The road barrier has many advantages and of course, it has several disadvantages. Among them:

  • Weight

According to the material, this concrete road barrier is heavier than other types of road barriers. So these concrete road barriers tend to be more difficult to move and require a lot of labor to move them.

  • Expensive

The price of this concrete road barrier is also expensive compared to other types. Because it has a strong material and has long-lasting properties.

The Advantages Of The Concrete Road Barrier

Below are some of the advantages of a concrete road barrier that you should know, including:

  1. Strong and Sturdy Compared to plastic and fiber road barriers, this concrete barrier is of course much stronger and sturdier. With strong concrete material, the construction will not be easily damaged or shifted during an accident.
  2. Durable This concrete road barrier will be more durable or durable when compared to other types. The life span of this concrete road barrier is about 25 years and 2 times the life span of the fiber or plastic-type road barrier.
  3. Safe for workers Your safety is the most important thing in driving. This concrete road barrier is the most significant choice to maintain traffic safety effectively and efficiently.
  4. Easier and faster repairs If there is an accident or damage to the construction of this concrete road barrier, the repair is easier because it only remains to replace the damaged parts.  
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