Construction machines are heavy equipment that are heavy-duty vehicles designed for construction work. Moving large amounts of soil, landscaping, digging foundations, etc. they are used in heavy work. Earthmoving equipment can also be referred to as: Heavy trucks, heavy machinery, construction equipment, engineering equipment, heavy hydraulics, these terms can be derived. Most earthmoving equipment uses hydraulic systems as their primary source of motion.

Types of Earthmoving Equipment

There are various types of earthmoving equipment used in construction, we tried to explain a few of the important ones.

1- Loader (Loader)

The loader consists of a tractor and a bucket for loading at the front. This type of machine is used for loading. The loader is a heavy equipment machine used in construction to load materials such as asphalt, demolition debris, gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, sand, sawdust. Depending on the design and application, there are many different types of loaders, such as bucket, front loader or skid steer loader.

Types of Earthmoving Equipment

2- Backhoe (Backhoe-Loader)

Backhoe loader consists of a tractor, a bucket for loading at the front and a digger at the back. The difference from the loader is expressed as having a digger feature at the same time. In the Backhoe Loader, the loading and movement of the excavator part is carried out by a hydraulic system.

construction machinery

3- Excavator

Excavator , which is a flexible work machine that can work below or above its own level ; the lower part is crawler, rubber wheel or truck chassis. All movements and functions of a hydraulic excavator are carried out using hydraulic fluid in combination with hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors.

Types of Earthmoving Equipment

4- Dozer

It consists of a tractor and a digger plate mounted in front of it, which can be lifted and lowered. It is known as a caterpillar or rubber wheel road construction machine. There is a powerful long bucket from the front side that can move up and down in the vertical direction. The bulldozer shreds and scrapes the soil with the cutter blade on the underside of this bucket.

Types of Earthmoving Equipment

5- Grader

Graders; It consists of the front part, rear part, chassis and scraper plate.

Types of Earthmoving Equipment

6- Scraper

It is also used in the opening of surface cuts and fillings on the roads, the opening of irrigation canals, leveling in the construction of places such as airports, and removing the upper thin layers in mines.

Types of Earthmoving Equipment

7- Paver

The prepared material is tested on crawler or wheeled work machines that compacting soil, asphalt or mechanically.

8- Digger / Loader

Backhoe Loader Operator These are the work machines that enable them to safely carry out operations such as loading, transporting various materials and digging tunnels by using tracked and wheeled loaders and their attachments.

9- Goat Legs, Excavators and Loaders

These types of machines generally work on rough terrain, industrial areas, forests and areas where tire and metal wheeled machines cannot enter.

10- Drilling and Bored Pile, Ground Drilling Machines

Construction machines used in the works of placing vertical pipes in case of drilling on all kinds of grounds and filling the drilled area with another material , extracting water, thermal, oil and natural gas are included in this class.