Have you had to build a house with a second or third floor and you have to make the layout and formwork of the staircase? Easy there master! For a champion like you it will not be difficult, of course as long as you work with good materials and follow the instructions on the plans. Here are some tips on how to make a stair layout and formwork like the professional you are. Take note!

Let’s start with the stair layout!

Get out your master winch, because you’re going to need it! In every staircase there is a wall on one of its ends, right? Well, in this you will mark the beginning and the end of the section that you will trace. The vertical distance that is formed must be divided by the number of counter-steps while the horizontal by the number of steps. Do not complicate yourself! Look at Figure 109 to make it easier for you to visualize what you have to do.

Now, take out your winch, your level and pencils and start making the respective lines taking into account the reference points. Finally trace the bottom of the staircase, this must be at least 15 cm (although the final measurement is indicated by the plans).


To begin, note the line that marks the bottom of the ladder. This is important since here you are going to build the ramp that will be the base of the formwork. After this it will be time for you to start with the formwork of the counter-steps, for this you will need wood 1 ½ inches thick. The length of these must be equal to the width of the ladder.

The boards that you place in the counter-steps must be fastened with wooden blocks at each end, and a reinforcement strip must run in the center of them, this will allow the woods not to bend due to the pressure exerted by the concrete . Look at figure 110 to find out how!

With this you already have the formwork of your staircase ready, what you should do next is to place the iron of the staircase, but about this and the preparation of the concrete to assemble your staircase I will talk to you a next time. To finish, here are some final tips:

Before drawing, check that the dimensions of each of the sections of the ladder are correct. But how to do it ?:

  • Check the height of the counter, generally it does not exceed 18 cm.
  •  Check the depth of the step, which is usually not greater than 25 cm.

The previous point is important because if you make a mistake in the layout they could have stairs:

  • Very steep.
  • Too narrow.
  • Very long.
  • Uncomfortable for transit.

Tell me, teacher! Has it been difficult how to make a stair layout and formwork ? With a specialist like you, I doubt it! Always remember to work with quality materials and with qualified personnel to lift resistant and safe structures.