Painting Process in Building and Construction

The painting work technique is the completing thing in any construction. Painting influences the all-out appearance of building from inside and outside. In this manner, it ought to be done with the extraordinary ability of workmanship.

This part manages the painting work method, particular of materials, sorts of paint, method of estimations, and so on

Objectives of Painting Process

Paints and stains are utilized in building and other designing works for covering the surfaces of wood, metal, workmanship, put walls, pieces, and so forth

Following are the main objectives of painting work:

  • To shield the surfaces from air impacts and to safeguard them from the rot, oxidation, and consumption.
  • To improve the presence of surfaces.
  • To work with the cleaning of surfaces.

Sorts of Painting Work

  • Interior of pads homes.
  • Interior normal spaces of a building.
  • Exteriors of the building.

Apparatuses Required For Painting Work

Scratching Patti, stepping stool, ghoda, zula, distemper brush, wash brush, oil paint brush, fine brush; scratching papers 60 No., 80 No., 100 No., 120 No., scrubber (metallic sheet), estimating container, gauging balance, shower for whitewash, consuming oven, fine etch, and sledge.

  1. Donga
  2. Whitewash
  3. Dry distemper
  4. Oil paint
  5. Cement paint

Process of Building Painting Work

There are no severe guidelines to follow the beneath process however the majority of individuals will follow a similar process in Bangalore. Something significant is to make a note of shading name and number. Presently shading blending is done through programming. Seller will blend the chose paint into white base of paint classification. Try to note down the quantity of the paint for the future purposes.

Inside house painting process:

Painting is a five stage process for new house (inside house). First painters will clean building walls and ceiling.

  1. Apply primer
  2. Apply wall putty
  3. Apply wall putty — second coat
  4. Apply chose paint coat
  5. Apply chose paint coat — last one

Applying Primer: This is the initial phase in painting process.

Applying Putty: This process will carry smooth surface to the walls. To recognize/test perfection you can take a cylinder light and wall under that lighting, you will come to know perfection of wall.

On the off chance that plastering was not done as expected, you will wind up spending more sum on wall putty

Applying paint: Once putty was applied then paint statement will begin.

When you finish one statement of painting electrical individuals will fix switches.

Woodworkers can begin working on closets and kitchen wood work

When you finish every one of the works in house you can go for second statement.

You can paint second statement once after Gruha Pravesham due to homam paint tone may change.

Outside house painting process:

Painting is a three stage process for new house. First painters will clean building walls:

  1. Apply primer
  2. Apply chose paint coat
  3. Apply chose paint coat — last one
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