Merits and Demerits of Sanitation Systems

In each town, waste materials in strong and fluid shapes are required to be arranged off so that it might impact the soundness of its occupants.

The work of assortment and removal is administrated by the Administrative Authorities of the town. For the most part the removal of waste results of a town involves two systems i.e., assortment works and removal works. 

The accompanying two strategies are commonly utilized for the assortment of waste in a town or a city: 

1. Conservancy System or Dry System 

From the antiquated periods this system is being utilized. The waste of various kinds are gathered independently and arranged off in a different way. This technique now a days is obsolete. It is just utilized in unassuming communities and town and in the lacking portion of the enormous urban areas. 

All the trash or dry decline is gathered in the residue canisters places at that roadsides. From the residue canisters it is gathered in trucks or trucks a few times in per day is removed for its removal. 

The non ignitable materials are dumped into the pits are low lying regions and flammable materials like papers leaves and so forth., are the main consumed and then dumped. The peelings of vegetables and products of the soil such materials are first dried and then consumed and dumped. 

In this system night soil or human excreta is gathered independently through human organization and is taken outside the town in shut trucks, trucks tractor trailers and is covered in channels. This covered night soil is changed over into excrement in a time of around 2 years which can be utilized for the harvests. 

The sullage and storm water is conveyed by channels developed outside the houses which might be open or shut. This sullage and storm water and so forth., is conveyed up to purpose of removal where it is permitted to stir up with the stream, waterway or ocean. The sullage may likewise be utilized for cultivating and planting. 

Merits and Demerits of conservancy System are as per the following: 


It is a less expensive system. It is conveyed with low starting expense since restrooms and open channels might be developed financially. 

In this system the amount of sewage to be conveyed at the treatment plant for removal is low. 

The storm water is conveyed in open channels and the sewer segment for this situation will be little and in this way they will run full for the major portion of the year and along these lines sewer lines will be liberated from silting and different stores. 

For this situation the water level in waterways ascends at the out falls because of floods, siphoning of sewage for removal might be done at an ostensible expense. 


For covering night soil more space is required. 

There is each likelihood that storm water may go in sewers which may cause overwhelming burdens on the treatment plants. 

There is likewise every chance of discovering access in the sub soil of fluid reject which may dirty underground water. 

As the lavatories in the house are to be given away from the possessed rooms in a structure, it makes burden to utilize. Whenever gave close to the rooms, it radiates foul smell. 

The excreta isn’t conveyed by the trucks or trucks straightforwardly from the toilets, however it is first gathered by human office and put at side of the road for its further assortment via trucks and so on. Which causes insanitary conditions risky to general wellbeing. 

Within the sight of conservancy system, the tasteful appearance of the city can’t be expanded. 

The conservancy system totally relies on the kindness of sweepers. So in the event that they take to the streets because of certain reasons, there is each chance of the spreading of illnesses in the city because of decay of foul issues. 

2. Water Carriage System 

Because of advancement of designing and innovation it has gotten conceivable to gather the sullage and night soil and so forth., by the carriage system without taking the assistance of human office. By tests it was discovered that the water is the main least expensive material which can be utilized for assortment of sullage and its movement. As the water is fundamental substance in this system, thus it is called water carriage system. Human excreta from the water storage rooms is blended in with water and turned into a semi-strong which is conveyed by appropriately structured under ground sewerage system to the treatment plants for its last removal. In this system 99% of the sewerage is in fluid form and can without much of a stretch be conveyed by appropriately structured sewer lines. 

Merits and Demerits of the water carriage system are as per the following: 


No human office is utilized in this technique and the excremental matters are gathered and conveyed by water in underground sewer system, henceforth this strategy isn’t unhygienic. 

Because of carriage of sewage in shut under ground sewers, the aggravation in towns is killed and thus danger of scourges is decreased. 

In this system just a single sewer is laid which require less space when contrasted with conservancy system in which two separate sewers are required. 

Reduced plan of building is conceivable for this situation as latrine and WCs are appended to the bed room which don’t produce any foul smell because of water seals accommodated the storerooms and traps and so on. 

As just a single sewer is laid in this system, it conveys enormous amount of sewage because of which self cleaning speed can be gotten even at littler angles. 

This system isn’t reliant completely on human office aside from when sewers get blocked. 

No extra water gracefully is required on the grounds that the standard flexibly of water is adequate to adapt to the necessities of this system. 

Less land is required for removal works in this system when contrasted with conservancy system in which more territory is required to cover the excremental matter. 

The sewage after appropriate treatment can be utilized for different purposes like water system and so forth. 


Introductory expense in this system is significantly more than conservancy system. 

Its upkeep cost is additionally high. 

During the stormy season enormous amount of sewage is to be dealt with, however during the rest of the time of year just little volume of sewage is conveyed for treatment.

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