Nikola Tesla was described as unique in the scientific world. Even when he was at the top of his career, no one knew about his private life because Tesla was someone who did not like group work and liked to hang out alone. He closed his private life to the outside world. 

The fact that a scientist who is so good in his field chooses a secret life makes it difficult for us writers to describe his life. In this article I will talk about Nikola Tesla’s life, his successes and even his downfalls.

Nikola Tesla’s Life Briefly

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1856 in Croatia. He was also called the son of the lightning, that he was born on a very rainy and lightning night. Tesla ‘s brother and three sisters a  brother  there. He immigrated to America in 1884 for citizenship and died here on January 7, 1943.

War of Currents

Even though he looked cold and expressionless from the outside, those who knew him closely would express how cheerful and energetic he was. One day, while in Edison’s office, Tesla shows up and introduces himself to Edison and hands him the letter of recommendation from Mr. Batchlor. Edison asks Tesla to introduce himself after reading it. Tesla, on the other hand, talks about the motor that works with alternating current. Edison mentions that these jobs are very dangerous and they use direct current in America, but he still hires Tesla because he needs workers. Tesla was then working from 10.30 am to 5.00 am, and that was enough to get into Edison’s eyes. He caught his eye, but Tesla did not get his salary that year. The Edison company had fooled him, and this was not the only time he was fooled.

Tesla wanted to get a patent for the AC motor, but knew he had to work on it for a few more months. However, it could take more than 1 year to create a secure system. Edison Electric Company had direct current system but Tesla Electric Company did not have alternating current system yet. Within 6 months, Tesla sent 2 engines to the patent office to be tested, and during that year he applied for 40 more patents and got them all. He was slowly gaining the reputation he should have had. He started getting offers from universities to give a speech. Although not certain, it is claimed that a businessman named Westinghouse offered $ 1 million in exchange for the patents of AC motors. Upon hearing this, Edison was also ambitious because he was previously friends with Westinghouse.

Some Difficulties

Tesla always felt crushed and incompetent because he unintentionally caused the death of his brother in his childhood. He preferred to hang out alone and not make friends. Who knows, maybe his living in this way may have contributed to the emergence of many of his inventions.

Tesla was on the brink of bankruptcy, although it was very close to when he was most famous. He could not get money from America for copyright. Westinghouse was not giving Tesla the salary he had to pay in line with an agreement they made. It only had copyrights from Germany, which was hardly enough to keep the lab going, but Nikola Tesla wasn’t going to give up here.


Fluorescent lamp, neon lights, speedometer, ignition system in automobiles, fundamentals of radar, electron microscope and microwave oven are Tesla’s inventions unknown to many. It has 278 patents in total.