Concrete is considered a building material that has good strength. To get concrete with good strength, the process of applying concrete in buildings must also be considered carefully. One way is to pay attention to the problem of concrete casting.

Usually a good concrete casting process requires the help of several tools, one of which is a concrete vibrator . The presence of this machine is considered central enough to produce the best quality concrete buildings. What is a vibrator for concrete and why it has a central role for casting will be discussed further below.

What Is A Concrete Vibrator?

So far, the term concrete vibrator is probably quite familiar to those who are used to working in the construction sector. However, for ordinary people this term is still rarely found. For this reason, this time we will first discuss what a vibrator for concrete is.

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So a vibrator for concrete is a tool used when the casting process takes place. This tool has a function to make concrete that automatically results in solid building construction . In general, this vibrator has three central parts. Here are the parts.

  • Machine part used to generate vibrations.
  • The hose that will be used later delivers the vibrations that are present from the machine.
  • The vibrator head is inserted into the concrete. Usually the vibrator head is made of a steel cylinder. For the size itself resembles a baseball bat.

In general, vibrator machines come with three types of vibrations. For the first vibration is the swept sine profile vibration. Then the second vibration is random vibration while the third vibration is shock synthesized.

Why Is It Important To Use Vibrators In Concrete Casting?

Earlier we have known briefly about the vibrator, now is the time to understand why it is important to use vibrators in casting. There are many reasons for this. The following are some of them.

1. Make the Concrete More Dense

One of the reasons for using this vibrator machine is to ensure that the concrete becomes denser. Dense concrete is certainly stronger than less dense concrete. Concrete density is an important thing in the construction process.

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Concrete density requirements usually vary depending on the type of building. This also affects the size of the vibrator used. Apart from the size of the vibrator, the number of tools also affects the ability of the vibrator to reach a certain density within a predetermined time. For example, to reach such a density within a few hours it takes 4 vibrators.

2. Removing Air Trapped in the Concrete Mixture

Often times in the concrete mixture before it is poured there are trapped air bubbles. This should be watched out for because it causes the concrete to become weak. For this reason, a vibrator is needed whose vibrations can help remove the air bubbles in the concrete mixture. The discharge of these bubbles can help make the concrete strength more evenly.

3. Preventing Concrete Becoming Porous

If air bubbles (as discussed in point 2) are left in the concrete, it is likely that porous concrete will form. This porous concrete means the presence of holes in the concrete which originally contained the air bubbles. This has a big effect on the strength level of the concrete. Even the strength of the concrete becomes uneven because there are parts that are porous and there are parts that are not porous.

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There are many benefits that come from using a concrete vibrator. The three benefits above are just a few of the other benefits that are present. So of course there is no doubt when you use a vibrator in the concrete casting process, right?