Looking for how to calculate cubic meter of concrete? Then you came to the right place.

Actually the logic is simple. A cube 1 meter long, 1 meter wide, 1 meter deep makes 1 m3.

How to Calculate Cubic Meter of Concrete

But; As you know, the structures in construction sites are not that simple. Tons of iron comes into the basic structures with fifty types of fractures. It is not enough, hundreds of bags of insulation materials etc. Then we look for a place to pour the remaining mixers at the end of the concrete pouring with the concrete m beton calculation extracted from the project through Autocad.

So can we reduce the error rate to zero? No ! We take it to the minimum. Sometimes at the end of casting, it is because the concrete coincides with it, even if it is neither missing nor more than seventy. Of course, this article is about big foundation concretes, big curtains etc. Valid for elements such as. It is not ingenious to pour 40 m3 lean concrete less / more.

In order to calculate this type of concrete cubic meter of components, we have to consider the iron ratio and other factors, as we mentioned above. Even if we do all the calculations correctly, even the application of vibrators will vary in concrete.

We all know that 1 ton of concrete = 0.417 m3 (or 1 m3 of concrete = 2.4 tons)   Suppose you use 200 kg of iron in 1 m3 of concrete. 20 tons of iron will be used for 100 m3. Since the specific weight of iron is 7.85 g / cm3, 20 tons of iron will cover a volume of 2,547 m3 . When you say 1500 m3 of concrete, there will be approximately 37.5 m3 of iron . This is a substantial amount to consider. Additional spilled additives etc… It can reach a figure of about 40 m3.

However, you do not need to take into account the volume of iron, as there is no high amount of concrete in the castings of a normal building, i.e. a 5.6-storey building!

How to Calculate Cubic Meter of Concrete

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the molds are made in accordance with the project. 

Then, again with a simple logic, the square meter area to be poured concrete should be removed from the autocad and the project should be calculated with X height and cubic meters. 

Especially for castings over 1000 m3, the amount of concrete should be minimized by calculating iron from the static project. This calculation will be close to the truth.