Know the Disadvantages of Carpet Flooring

Talking about the downsides of carpet flooring probably won’t add many friends to the ones I already have. Despite this I prefer to be honest to be “politically correct”.

I could write an article, like so many you will find on the net, about the advantages and disadvantages of carpeted floors. In that case the convictions would not let me be SO impartial.


I understand that everyone has their preferences. I also accept that it is possible that there is a very fine line that does not want to hear arguments against what we like.

So if you don’t want to hear reasons why you SHOULD NOT  put rugs in your home, you might want to skip what’s next.

Carpet Problems: My Bad Experience

Years ago I had to rent (rent) a house with a carpet floor in the Main Bedroom.

As luck would have it, he began to inhabit it in the middle of winter, during that particular period, which in these latitudes we call “summer of San Juan.

Something like an out-of-season microclimate, with hot and humid days , which literally only make our hair stand on end.

Anyone knows that in a humid climate EVERYTHING in the house “smells” different.

If, in addition, the misfortune of having a somewhat more developed sense of smell than one would like, you can imagine how difficult it is to go through those days without discovering “complicated smells” at every step. Obsessions that cannot be controlled …

It is easy to imagine the aromas that a worn carpet (carpet) gives off. It reminded me of the history of each of the previous tenants, repeated and augmented with the help of the humidity.

Tried the best and the impossible to try cleaning carpets at home. Disinfect them, or at least camouflage the odors with whatever recipe or product is suggested. Nothing worked .

In order not to make it long: we reached an arrangement with the owner and soon after the carpeting was replaced by a ceramic floor.

Crazy extremist? Can be; you don’t choose your delusions. The truth is that that way I could go back to sleep, which is no small thing.

Reasons I do NOT recommend carpet flooring

Before talking about the disadvantages of carpet flooring it is necessary to recognize two things:

• I understand that many may say that the carpet that I had to suffer is not the one that can be found in the market today. And it’s true.

• I also understand that mine has a lot to do with an obsession based on a bad experience.  But this does not mean that there are verifiable reasons that lead me to be certain that what I think is very true.

So then, let’s go to what, for me, are the main disadvantages of carpets at home.

Carpet Cleaning: Can they be kept clean?

Any other type of floor is simpler to maintain; whether we are talking about wood, ceramic , vinyl or laminate floors . What in any case would be solved with a broom and a damp cloth here is ruled out. 

Discarding the traditional cleaning system, the question that arises is more than obvious:

How to dry clean carpets?

And what if you already have rugs at home? Are you doomed

The fact that we are talking about the disadvantages of using carpets does not interfere with the attempt to keep them in a decent state of cleanliness. In that sense, here are some recommendations.

When it comes to daily carpet maintenance, the only thing that “works” is the vacuum cleaner. If we consider that it only manages to remove a very low percentage of the dust they accumulate, you will be able to understand how effective what we call cleaning goes.

How to clean carpets at home with homemade products?

One of the simplest and most effective ways to dry carpet cleaning is to use baking soda . This technique consists of covering the carpet with baking soda and leaving it to act for one or two hours.

After that time you have to vacuum to remove all the dust. Baking soda also helps remove bad odors from your carpet. For that I suggest you let it act for at least three hours.

Another of the carpet cleaning techniques is to use salt to clean and disinfect . The idea is to cover the carpet completely and if it is not fixed to the floor, roll it up for a few hours. Then it will be enough to pass the vacuum cleaner so that it is in better condition than it was.

For proper maintenance of carpet floors, it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner once a week . The supplement is a deep cleaning with special equipment (expensive) at least every 6 months. This recommendation will depend on the use you make of the carpet.

Carpets and the absorption of bad odors

Until now, you believed that the only thing that could smell bad in your house was the bathroom.  If you have carpet floors you will have verified that this is not the case.

It is very common for them to absorb all bad household odors, especially that of pets. Although their owners get used to them, until they perceive them, nothing obscures reality .

If your rugs aren’t cleaned frequently, you’d better prepare to suffer. Especially with humid climates, it is common for them to develop under their support surface, a layer of mold that is very difficult to remove. The lesser evil, in these cases, is the increase in bad smells.

Carpet Stains: Another disadvantage of carpet

Any spill of liquids or household products (coffee, wine, juices, grease, cigarettes, etc.) represents a headache. Anyone who wants to get rid of the stains that a carpeted floor generates must accept this reality. In these conditions cleaning carpets at home is a torture that no one should suffer, especially if the stains are difficult to remove.

This is one of the main disadvantages of carpet flooring. They would be the top floor that I would recommend if your idea of ​​living in the house includes the project of raising a family with small children.

Do you see yourself running all day after your children taking care that they do not dirty the carpets in the house?

The floors should serve us and we should not be the slaves of the floors

On the web you will find “a thousand and one tricks to remove stains from carpets” , but who wants to live pending how to learn to remove stains?

They must also be protected from direct exposure to the sun’s rays. Ultraviolet rays can cause areas of discoloration or fading of the original tones. It is common for lighter or darker “patches” to appear over time. This will depend on the location of the furniture or the exposure to areas near the openings to the outside.

Carpet Problems: Short Life!

No floor is eternal , but in this sense one of the main drawbacks of carpet flooring is its durability.

Most rugs are made from synthetic materials. Due to wear and tear, they usually cannot last more than 10-15 years in healthy conditions.

Carpets (also called carpet)  ARE NOT MADE FOR HEAVY TRAFFIC . In areas such as corridors or frequent trips between rooms, they will be particularly damaged. The legs of furniture, chairs and tables will leave an “indelible” mark.

Trying to repair an area damaged by stains, cuts or wear, is to assume that the only possible way is to change the ENTIRE carpet . If you want the patch not to be noticed, repairing a sector will not be the most effective system.

It is more than usual that to avoid its premature deterioration we resort to extreme measures. Many families choose to leave their shoes at the entrance of the house and wear socks or slippers. Or nobody knows a similar case?

Mites and Bacteria: The Worst of Having Carpets at Home !!

Carpet or carpet floors are very harmful to the health of people with respiratory or allergy problems

A microbiology research published in 2001 yielded surprising data. Carpets contain about 4,000 times more dirt than a toilet seat . About 200,000 bacteria were tested every 2.5 square centimeters. (!!)

One time I had to read an almost comical argument (from some manufacturer, obviously). It suggested the following: 

“The carpet acts as a” natural filter “(¿?), Because it retains the dust from the environment, preventing it from flying through the air”.  That said without a smile escaping them.

Beyond fanaticism or commercial interests, you cannot cover the sun with a finger.  Carpet floors accumulate and retain much more dirt than any other floor . And that here or in China will NEVER be an advantage.

P ara who suffer allergy problems , have a carpeted floor is condemned to live with the enemy. It is true that an allergic rhinitis or a cold are not life threatening ailments. Of course, for people who live in constant exposure to these symptoms it is a real discomfort.

Perhaps one of the worst downsides to carpet flooring is its propensity to be a dangerous breeding ground. Bacteria, dust mites (microscopic organisms), mainly feed on the scales of human skin. Embedded between the fibers of the fabric they find an ideal habitat on carpet floors.

Another interesting fact from reliable studies.

A vacuum cleaning only removes 5% of the mites. This data makes any other comment unnecessary.

In case you have any questions, this is an expanded view of those who inhabit our rugs:

Conclusions on the Disadvantages of Carpet Flooring

I understand more than well about the pleasant sensation that comes from walking barefoot on a carpet floor. Nothing like enjoying its softness and warmth … But no matter how hard I try, I can’t find many more arguments to choose them.

I think there are a huge number of alternatives to choose or renew the floors of the house. These do not necessarily include having to lay a carpet. This only implies falling into the slavery of having to take care of ourselves with the use that we give them.

The floor of our house should not only like us for aesthetic reasons. They should also be strong, easy to maintain, easy to clean and long lasting . All these are reasons that we will have to take into account when deciding on a purchase.

I have told you the reasons why I WOULD NOT CHOOSE  carpet flooring. This fact does not mean that you can still do it, for whatever reasons occur to you. If so: enjoy them!

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