Precast cement is poured, formed over rebar, and then restored in one area. When the solid is prepared for use, it is shipped to the building site. This cycle guarantees ideal curing conditions and makes solid and great cement. 

Then again, site cast concrete is poured, shaped, and restored directly at the construction site. While considering precast versus cast set up solid cost, the last is regularly less expensive. It is likewise exceptionally solid since the designers can add reinforced steel bars to increase its solidarity and toughness. 

Precast versus cast-in-situ construction 

Quality Control 

Precast Concrete 

Quality can be controlled and maintained without any problem. 

Cast-in-situ Concrete 

Quality control and maintenance is troublesome. 


Precast Concrete 

Precast concrete is a less expensive type of construction if huge structures are to be developed. 

Maintenance cost of precast solid structure is higher. 

Cast-in-situ Concrete 

In situ concrete is a less expensive type of construction for little structures. 

Maintenance cost of cast-in-situ solid structure is less contrasted with the precast solid structure. 

Necessity of Worker and Machinery 

Precast Concrete 

Less works are required. 

Skilled works are needed at construction sites. 

Skilled and specialized contractual workers are needed for construction of the precast solid structure. 

Precast concrete requires large equipment and cranes for handling for example lifting and installation of substantial components 

Cast-in-situ Concrete 

More works are required. 

Skilled works are needed at construction sites. 

Local contractual workers can likewise assemble the structure. 

Cast-in-situ concrete doesn’t need such handling gear. 


Precast Concrete 

Precast solid construction is speedy as it very well may be installed promptly and there is no waiting for it to gain strength. 

Increase in strength can be accomplished by quickened curing. 

On site strength test isn’t needed. 

High strength cement can be utilized on the grounds that it is in controlled condition. 

Cast-in-situ Concrete 

In situ solid construction is delayed as gaining of solidarity requires time. 

Increase in strength at situ by quickened curing is a troublesome undertaking. 

On site strength test is required. 

It will be hard to utilize high strength concrete as it relies upon site condition and assets accessible. 

Season of Construction 

Precast Concrete 

Total construction time is less when contrasted with cast-in-situ. 

Speedy construction is conceivable. 

Cast-in-situ Concrete 

Total construction time is more when contrasted with precast. 

Speed is less as components are casted at site. 

Specialized Points 

Precast Concrete 

Large number of joints in basic framework. 

Less impervious to Earthquake and wind powers not suggested where seismic burdens are dominant. 

In precast solid construction, subtleties at the joint become extremely basic and require cautious consideration. 

The components must be intended for handling pressure or loads during handling, which could conceivably increase steel. 

Elements of varying lengths and shape can be created. 

Precast concrete doesn’t offer a solid engineering character. 

Cast-in-situ Concrete 

Less number of joints present in auxiliary framework. 

More impervious to quake and wind powers. 

Elements can’t be casted ahead of time. 

Elements are not to be intended for any such loads or stress. 

There is constraint in length and state of component. 

In situ solid offers a solid structural character. 

Surface Finishing 

Precast Concrete 

According to ‘Bulletin of American Concrete Institute’ (1993), precast solid gives smooth interior finish henceforth they need minimum readiness before paint, backdrop and so forth or the other divider coverings can be applied straightforwardly. 

Cast-in-situ Concrete 

In the cast-in-situ solid construction, you need to do mortar for the smooth finish and additionally requires pre-groundwork for a paint like divider clay and so on 

Points to Be Taken Care of 

Precast Concrete 

One needs to be fastidious during work with precast cement on the grounds that the precast unit can be harmed during transportation and handling. 

Cast-in-situ Concrete 

In the cast-in-situ solid construction, be cautious about following points: 

  1. During the concreting cycle like mixing, transportation, placing, finishing and so on 
  2. Curing of cement for certain time and so on