Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dehumidifier [Explained]

Dehumidification is a fairly simple process that aims to extract moisture or steam from the water contained in the environment, for this there are several methods that can be carried out to achieve the objective, some of these processes are the following: cooling, is necessary to reach a temperature well below the dew point; increased pressure, this method causes condensation; desiccant, which attracts and holds water vapor.

Moisture is a serious problem that not only affects the physical structure of buildings, but can also cause diseases in people , that is why it is so important to eliminate it completely as soon as its appearance is noticed in order to avoid all the evils that are can generate.

It is important to note that when humidity is above 60%, the environment becomes the perfect place for microorganisms to appear and, therefore, the chances of contracting countless diseases and allergies increase.

Advantages of Dehumidifier

Excess humidity is a problem that is experienced in various locations, no space is exempt from having it and it can cause great damage. Dehumidifiers are devices that serve to extract humidity from the environment and, therefore, are very useful to preserve health and conserve material goods.

Some of the most notable benefits and advantages of dehumidifier are the following:

Eliminates and reduces the appearance of mites

advantages and disadvantages of a dehumidifier

A humid environment is the perfect home for mites, insects that usually make their appearance when the place has a humidity that exceeds 70%. The dehumidifier fulfills the function of reducing the percentage of humidity and keeping it between 50 and 60% in this way it eliminates all those insects and prevents them from spreading.

Prevents the appearance of mold and mildew

Mold and fungi usually appear in humid spaces, since they are microorganisms that reproduce in this type of environment , they are the cause of awakening some allergic reactions in individuals, so their elimination will help improve health.

Improves the health of the respiratory system

The elimination of humidity from the spaces in which the individual lives on a daily basis will help them improve their health, as allergic symptoms are reduced and in the case of asthmatics, their quality of life improves ; All this is because the dehumidifier manages to eliminate mold, mites and fungi that are the main causes of all these problems.

Reduces bone disease

Some diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis are aggravated in spaces with high humidity, since although they are not generated for this reason, the cold environment is capable of intensifying the pain and discomfort caused by these pathologies .

Prevents the appearance of stains on the walls

The humidity in a room can be clearly seen through some stains caused by the same damping, since during the day with the heat the humidity evaporates and remains contained in the air, but at night with the cold the humidity is it condenses and lodges on various cold surfaces, such as walls. The dehumidifier prevents condensation from occurring , as it acts immediately when moisture is contained in the air.

Preserves the life of electronics, pipes and metal surfaces

advantages and disadvantages of a dehumidifier

Moisture is the worst enemy of electronic or metallic equipment, since its presence accelerates the corrosion of this equipment , since when it condenses it can also lodge in them and cause serious damage.

Maintains the structural health of the space

Placing a dehumidifier in the humid space prevents the different materials in which the space is made from starting to corrode, degrade and oxidize ; This not only applies to the structure itself, it is also effective against electrical appliances, books, etc.

Savings in air conditioning

In countries that experience very high or very low temperatures, a lot of money is invested in devices that help to heat the environment such as air conditioners or heating sources. The dehumidifier is ideal to work in any environment and help the air conditioner use less energy , since it concentrates on reducing the relative humidity.

Accelerates the drying of clothes

In environments with excess humidity, the drying of the clothes usually takes a long time due to the amount of water and coldness in the environment, with the help of the dehumidifier not only does the drying of the clothes accelerate, but it also prevents them from seizing bad odors produced by the same humidity problem.

Avoid the appearance of skin problems

In the case of obese people or those who form many folds in the skin, humidity can be an even greater problem, since not only do they suffer the same respiratory damage, but the skin is also affected. Moisture accumulates between the folds of the skin, causing fungal problems to appear and which can seriously injure the skin.

Disadvantages of a Dehumidifier

So far we have only spoken about some of its main advantages.

However, like any device, it may present, although few, certain disadvantages of dehumidifier are as follows:

Require minimal maintenance

By removing moisture from the air, it is transformed into water, so it will be necessary to remove it from its containers on a regular basis. In addition, it will require some cleaning and minimal maintenance . 


A dehumidifier can be a bit noisy. It should be noted that they are equipment that is usually installed in the main rooms of the house, so they do generate a lot of noise, they can be somewhat annoying. To avoid this, it is important to ensure that you purchase a computer that is as quiet as possible.

Temporary solution

The dehumidifier will not finish removing moisture with just one use, it needs to be in constant extraction and this will be a problem for your electricity bill.

It does not purify the air

Many believe that the dehumidifier purifies the oxygen inside the house, but it only removes the humidity and for allergy sufferers, this will not be of great help if there is constant entry of dust at home.

Remove the by-product from humidity

This machine leaves a by-product at the end of its work in a container that acts as a deposit. It is the water that remained as a residue from the process of absorbing the air with humidity and condensation. But beware, this water is not suitable for consumption and

Costly maintenance

You would not expect such a machine to be expensive to fix when it breaks down. And it is because there are not many replacement parts on the market and people prefer to buy a new one than to fix it.

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