Civil engineering work environment can be defined as office and field environment in general. In the office environment, project drawing, quantity, progress payment and similar applications are made. It is a less strenuous environment compared to field engineering. 

There may be situations such as dust, noise, standing for a long time, bad weather conditions, having a work accident, dealing with ignorant people. In the office environment, ergonomic discomfort (the chair, table, computer used should be ergonomic in accordance with the human body standards) can be seen.

In terms of health, eye deterioration, blood circulation slowdown, lumbar hernia, hunchback, swelling of the feet, edema, obesity, neck pain and similar ailments are seen in the person who sits too long.

Working hours

Working hours are usually regular, but can also be weekend work. In the field environment, it is sometimes uncertain when they will quit. When concrete is poured, it is terminated under the control of the field engineer. This situation can often last until midnight. The workload of the field engineer may vary depending on the weather conditions and the season. In the office environment, working hours are generally standard. In some companies, there may be a holiday on the weekend. Travels abroad are seen in large companies. Civil engineering  architect working, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, draftsmen, in coordination with the occupational safety specialist, working in unison. The working environment is not suitable for women.

Programs Used in the Office Environment

The programs he uses vary according to the department he works in the office environment. Autocad, sta4cad, Idecad, Primavera, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word etc. programs are predominant.

Programs Used in the Field Environment

Construction site means the implementation phase of the project, the drawn project is applied in the field. In practice, some times the project cannot be done and revised as stated in the construction site. Autocad is the most used program for this. In return for the work done, progress payments are made and Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel programs are used for this.