How do we go straight on a rolling object? Have you ever thought about how we go straight on the wheels of the vehicles we use every day to get from place to place? In fact, logically, this event does not happen exactly as described in this way.

The most important element that allows us to move from one place to another is the wheels. However, if we connect the wheels directly to the chassis of the vehicle, it is expected that the chassis will try to turn with the wheels or slide over the wheels. For this reason, the machine elements that we call bearings undertake the biggest role in making the invention of the wheel logical . Thanks to the bearings, we can move on a rotating wheel while remaining steady.

It would of course be a mistake to understand the importance of bearings in our lives just by thinking about the means. Because bearings serve us in washing machines, bicycles, wind turbines, electric motors and many other areas that cannot be counted. The best way to understand how bearings play an important role in our lives is to know the bearings.

What is a bearing

Bearings are a machine element that enables efficient operation by minimizing the friction between multiple machine elements that rotate relative to each other. In addition, bearings play an important role in the transmission of forces on rotating machine parts.

The bearings consist of inner ring, outer ring, rolling element ball or roller between the two rings, as well as the guide cage, which prevents the rolling elements from rubbing against each other and in order to perform rolling at equal intervals between the inner ring and the outer ring.

Advantages of Using Bearings in Machine Beds

  • It is easy to start the machine in the first motion as it will have less friction losses.
  • Its oil consumption is low. Besides, maintenance and replacement of the bearing is easy.
  • Since the bearing width can carry more unit load, the dimensions of the machine to be used with rolling bearings can be reduced axially.
  • There are standard dimensions in its manufacture. Therefore, it can be easily obtained with the bearing number.
  • There is no shortage of spare parts, as there are many available in the market.