Advantages and Disadvantages of Welded Joints

Advantages of welded joints

  • Welded connections are more economical than other bolted or riveted connections.
  • The application area of ​​welding is more than riveted/bolted connections.
  • Welded structures are more rigid than other joints, since the elements joined in welded joints are directly welded to each other.
  • Welded structures are truly continuous structures and they look cleaner / tidy,
  • Minor mistakes that may be encountered during production and assembly can be easily tolerated.
  • Production takes less time because fewer parts or sheets are used in welded joints

Disadvantages of welded joints

  • Welded rigid connections can cause problems in simple connections where very small moment transfer is required.
  • Quality control processes in welded joints are more expensive than bolted/riveted joints.
  • Special equipment is needed to make welded joints.
  • Accidents that may occur, especially in gas welding, can be fatal.
  • Welded joints are non-removable joints.
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