Advantages And Disadvantages of Concrete Piles

Looking for Advantages And Disadvantages of Concrete Piles? Then you came to the right place. As a layman, you certainly don’t understand much about building construction, especially concrete pile products. This makes you confused and hesitant when using concrete pile products.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of concrete piles is an absolute thing that must be obtained to have a foundation and careful consideration when using concrete pile products. By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of concrete piles, you can do good calculations for the construction of the building you are building. And also the future effect for how long your building can last.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Concrete Piles

Advantages And Disadvantages of Concrete Piles

You don’t need to worry, because we have summarized the various advantages and disadvantages of concrete piles below which are ready to be your reference regarding the advantages and disadvantages of concrete piles.

1. Quality of Concrete Piles

The advantages and disadvantages of the first concrete piles are in terms of quality. Using concrete piles provides more quality than using conventional piles. Precast concrete product materials are sturdier and more high quality when compared to conventional piles.

You may often see when using conventional piles the results of casting are sometimes still gnarled and not filled, this certainly affects the quality of the piles themselves. The quality of concrete piles has its own quality and has gone through the material testing process so there is no need to doubt the quality.

2. Ease of Mobility

In terms of mobility, concrete piles have advantages in their effectiveness. Compared to using conventional piles which have to do a lot of mobility to transport various conventional pile materials.

However, it should be noted, the use of concrete piles for areas that are difficult to reach using transporting concrete piles is also a big problem. Especially if the piles used have a large enough size, you have to rethink how to facilitate the mobility of concrete piles for limited access to truck crane transportation.

3. Ease of Installation

The advantages and disadvantages of concrete piles from field installation are quite a lot.

The advantages of using concrete piles from the installation side, among others, do not require a lot of large excavation. We don’t need to make formwork on the spot and certainly, the installation is very easy to do.

Although concrete piles have many advantages in terms of installation. It should also be noted that the installation of concrete piles will cause a fairly large vibration, especially if the size of the piles installed is large enough.

Moreover, if the installation of concrete piles is close to other buildings, it will certainly cause inconvenience for the occupants of the building.

4. Care

The advantages of the maintenance side of concrete piles are also not much different from conventional piles.

Piles generally have minimal maintenance after installation, considering that the piles have a patent function so they have good enough strength.

5. Durability and Durability

The advantages and disadvantages of the latter in terms of durability and durability also have significant differences. Concrete piles have longer durability and durability than conventional piles.

In addition to the good material and quality, the mixture of chemicals makes the properties of concrete piles more resistant to various environmental conditions both on land and water.

However, if the existing steel reinforcement structure in the pile of concrete is badly damaged, then you automatically have to replace it with a new concrete pile.

The advantages and disadvantages of concrete piles from various sides can be your consideration when using concrete piles for the construction you are building.

You can estimate the use of concrete piles whether it is effective for the construction you are building or not.

Meaning of Pile Foundations

In building a house, the foundation will determine whether the house will be strong or not. Choosing the type of foundation is also a concern for those of you who want or are building a house. There are many types of foundations that you can choose from, such as chicken claw foundations, walls, and river stones. However, one of the favorites in the pile foundation.

Pile foundation is one type of house foundation which is usually made of pure concrete, steel, and even wood. Basically, the pile foundation plays a role in making the building stronger because it can transfer the construction load to the deepest part of the soil so that it is more stable. This pile foundation is also touted as one of the best types of foundation for building a strong house.

Pile foundations do have several advantages, but when deciding to use them, you also need to understand what are the drawbacks of this type of foundation. In the following Kania will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a pile foundation so that you can consider it before using it. Listen until it runs out, yes!

Advantages of Pile Foundations

The thing that makes pile foundations one of the most preferred types of foundations is that they have several advantages. The following are the advantages of a pile foundation that you should know:

The foundation of Piles is Stronger and Stronger

Pile foundations are usually made of concrete. This type of material makes the pile foundation have better strength resistance than other types of materials. Thus, the pile foundation will make the building under construction stronger because it is considered capable of supporting the load on it as well as overcoming pressure in the ground.

Longer Pile Foundation Life

Installing a pile foundation is believed to make the building’s life longer. This is because the bones of the foundation are already covered with other thick materials so that they are protected from water and corrosive chemicals. Thus, the pile foundation can withstand the load of the building for decades. The type of pile that has the longest life is made of pure concrete.

Pile Foundation Reduces Soil Digging

Usually, you need to dig a lot of soil when you want to build a house using an ordinary foundation because the foundation is generally built from the bottom up. One thing to think about is that the more soil that is dug up, the more vulnerable the soil surface is to shift.

Different from other types of foundations, this pile foundation can be used as a solution to reduce soil excavation. The reason is, how to install a pile foundation only needs to be planted using special tools to reach the lowest stable part of the soil.

Pile Foundation Able to Compact Soil Material

One of the other advantages of using a pile foundation is that this type of foundation has the ability to compact the soil material. When planted without digging, the pile foundation will actually make parts of the soil coincide. This aims to avoid ground movement and shifting that can create cracks in the building.

Lack of Pile Foundation

It is undeniable, although the pile foundation has several advantages, this type of foundation also has its disadvantages. The following are the shortcomings of a pile foundation that you can consider:

Longer Pile Foundation Production Process

Making a pile foundation, especially using concrete material, takes a longer time than the production process for other types of foundation. This is because the construction process to compaction must be carried out in detail to produce a strong and strong pile foundation.

As an alternative, you can buy a ready-made pile foundation to shorten the construction time. However, if you buy a finished one, you have to make sure that the pile foundation is by the building being built, huh!

Pile Foundation Prices Are More Expensive

The production process is long and complicated because it uses quality materials to make the pile foundation price more expensive than other types of foundation. However, the high price is indeed proportional to the quality you get. Therefore, when you want to build a house using a pile foundation, make sure you have prepared sufficient funds, huh!

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